Add Memberships and New Students

Add Memberships and New Students

To add memberships to new students, use the Add Memberships (and Students) form. When using this form, any students that do not exist on the platform will be created. If a student already exists, then only a membership for the selected product will be created for the student.

Select a product from the Product list. You can type in the box to filter the results.

Either click on the Choose student’s file input to upload a file containing a list of students you want to import or click on the New Student button to manually input the details for the student(s) you want to add. You can still use the New Student button to add more students if you use a file.

When using the file, it must contain a list of students with the user name and email address separated by the , character. A good username is to combine their first and last names together. For example:


You can use the X button to remove a student.

Finally, when you are ready to add the student, click the Add Students button.

Once the platform has finished processing the students, you will receive a message to let you know about the result.

If a username is already taken, then the system will change the user’s username until it is unique on the platform, by incrementally adding a number to the end of it. A message will let you know if this occurs. The student will still be able to sign in with their email address which will not be changed.

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