Images not loading

Images not loading

We are aware that some of our users are experiencing issues with viewing images on the mobile app. 

The mobile app requires an active Internet connection to display images. This is because the images are stored on our servers and not on your device. If you are offline or have a weak signal, the app will not be able to load the images. You may see a placeholder icon instead of the image or no image at all depending on your device.

We are working hard to fix this issue as soon as possible. We want to make sure that you can enjoy our app even when you are not connected to the Internet. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we resolve this issue.

We value your feedback and support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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    • Where can I find resources such as images and maps?

      All the resources and referennce material needed while taking an exam can be found under the Resources menu. This menu is only visible when signed into the platform.
    • What format are the courses provided in?

      Courses are provided as text and images, in a similar format to an eBook. They are not available to be downloaded. If you would like to access them offline on your devices, please use our app for your platform.